Quit Dieting For Good

This group program is the toolkit you’ve been searching for to finally get you off the diet roller coaster, allow you to feel free around food, and feel truly confident in yourself and your body. 


Living your life day by day, not worrying about what you are going to eat, allowing time to focus your energy on more fun things in your life, like your relationships, travel, or hobbies.

Going the coffee shop and indulging in a chocolate croissant and a full-fat latte with no guilt or shame.

Traveling and enjoying all of the food specific to the area, and come home without feeling the need to jump right back into a diet, because you didn’t go overboard and you know how to ease yourself back on track.

Keeping ice cream, chips, and chocolate in the house and only eating it on the occasions that you want to eat it, not eating it just because it is there.

Feeling confident in your body – head held high when walking into a room, and wearing clothes that make you feel like your best self.

This can be your reality! But here's the problem...

Right now you are stuck

Stuck trying the latest keto diet or counting macros, while wishing you could just eat a piece of pizza when you feel like it.

Stuck with beliefs in your head about what you “should” eat and “shouldn’t” eat. 

Stuck with the burning desire to lose weight and finally be happy with the way you look and feel in your body. 

Stuck with so much guilt about eating the donut when it’s not part of your “plan.” 

It’s exhausting to feel stuck! 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

This program is for you if...

  • You know there is another, better way to enjoy food and that you shouldn’t have to constantly control yourself around it.
  • You want to love your body, but you just don’t know how without getting to that perfect size.
  • You want to learn how to explore the truth behind emotional eating and learn to deal with your emotions WITHOUT food.
  • You want to ENJOY taking care of your body with nourishing food and movement.
  • You want to relax at social events without stressing about the food, you want to eat without guilt or shame, and you want to take pleasure in each and every bite of whatever it is that you decide to eat!

Don't just take my word for it though...

Hear what Ali has to say about her experience with Quit Dieting for Good...

Hi, I'm Caitlin

I’m here as your health & lifestyle coach, teaching intuitive eating because I’ve been there and I 100% get what you are going through.

I started counting calories at age 12, because I already thought I needed to “fix” my body. After years of trying fad diets and obsessing over weight loss (and weight gain), I realized that something wasn’t right.  

In fact, all of my efforts at controlling my food intake weren’t “fixing” anything. Instead, I had kick-started an internal battle of guilt, shame, frustration, and anxiety...all because of my relationship with food! 

15 years of yo-yo dieting later, it was clear that something needed to change.

At just the right time, I found intuitive eating and my world turned upside down, for the better.  

I could eat bread! And pasta! And ice cream! And still want a salad too!  

I learned that if I let my body be the guide (instead of dieting culture), it would lead me on the right path. 

Intuitive eating is not a diet and it’s not a meal plan. Really, it’s a way of life, a chance to connect with your body, and a practice that enables you to love yourself in a way you didn’t believe possible. As a foodie, an international traveler, a mom, a wife, and an entrepreneur - trust me when I tell you that intuitive eating CAN work for you too! 

For the past 3.5 years, I’ve loved fostering relationships with my clients, digging  deep into why they are eating the way they are eating, and walking through hardships to help my clients get out the other side. YOU are what makes my work meaningful, which is why we will get to know each other personally in this program and I’ll provide you personalized coaching and support.

"After growing up around dieting and following the Dukan diet, I did not have the willpower to diet and restrict myself again, which is when I joined Caitlin’s Quit Dieting for Good program.

Since completing the program, I feel in control of my feelings around food. I feel no guilt, I feel free to make conscious choices and stand by those. What made the program so valuable for me was Caitlin’s support and to know that most of us women all face the same challenges in one way or another. To be able to share those thoughts in the group sessions, to talk through the emotions around food and to be coached through this process by Caitlin made it all an unforgettable and valuable experience.

These days, I feel less pressure to plan my meals and I make better choices in the moment. I listen more to what my body needs and wants. I still grab occasionally for my trigger foods but when I do, I do it by choice, I enjoy the moment, check in with myself how it made me feel and when it turned out it was not all that great, next time, I will think twice about that choice. It is a process in the mind that needs time but I learned in those 3 months that if I eat intuitively, it becomes much easier to make the right choice."


To finally free you from diets and start loving that beautiful body of yours, my Quit Dieting for Good program provides you with:

  • Six modules of lessons via audio, video, worksheets, journal prompts, and meditations, delivered weekly
  • Modules include: Letting Go of Restrictions, Body Love, Relearning Hunger/Fullness, Emotional Eating, Self-Care, and Gentle Nutrition
  • Six weekly group coaching calls via Zoom, with guaranteed personalized support on 1-2 calls
  • Private Facebook community for the 6 weeks, including 24/7 support
  • Guest teachers including a stylist, EFT coach, hypnotherapist, and gut-health dietician

Want a little bit of extra love on your journey?

Treat yourself to the VIP package!

(You’re worth it in case you forgot :))

  • Basic program + 6 weeks of text/voice message support via Voxer app - I'm your personal coach for those 6 weeks and you can ask me any questions, everyday of the week, and I'll respond within 24 hours (at most). Available to 6 women maximum. 
BONUS PERK: Once you’ve completed the 6-week course, you will have the opportunity to join the Intuitive Living Ladies Membership Community that’s exclusive to my clients :) 

"I decided to join Caitlin’s Quit Dieting for Good program to reclaim my body after 4 years of pregnancy and raising small children. I had slipped in to bad habits of eating chocolate just because it was there and I was lacking energy and feeling bloated and tired. Caitlin’s program helped me to achieve my goals.

Through mindful eating I gave myself the freedom to have treats when I wanted to and really savour them, but also to allow myself to stop when I’d had enough. I now almost subconsciously do checks to see what my body needs and I feel in control of my body and my health again. The program also helped me to take more time for self care – doing more yoga and sport, and also just taking time out with a cup of tea and a book. The program is about so much more than just food – it’s also about self care and learning to take control of your body and your life. I can highly recommend this to everyone!"

Louisa T. 

Which option will be the BEST fit for your lifestyle and desired level of support?

Quit Dieting for Good Group Program:

$1200 investment or 3 monthly payments of $435

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VIP Upgrade: Program + Voxer Coaching

$2000 investment or 3 monthly payments of $700

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The Quit Dieting for Good Program is all about body love, self-care, and intuitive eating. You’ll be supported, encouraged, motivated, and held accountable to make the changes you so desire. 

Best of all?

Read why Ashley decided to invest in Quit Dieting for Good...

"Before working with Caitlin, the struggle to eat healthy was a huge source of stress and guilt for me. It consumed so many of my thoughts and was truly weighing me down mentally. Now, that load is gone. I no longer bully myself for what I put in my mouth.
Besides my relationship with food and body, I certainly feel empowered to make other changes in my life. I have turned down work that I knew I would hate doing, I have sought help for my struggles in motherhood, I am considering coaching in other areas of my life and I am learning that doing things for myself doesn't make me selfish.
The Quit Dieting for Good program is an investment, and that was my hesitation. But in the long run, it has saved me money because I will no longer feel the need to try the latest and greatest diet programs, supplements or challenges. I no longer need to be fixed."
~ Ashley C. 
To make sure you are seen, heard, and not just a number, I can only take 25 women and enrollment will close on October 20th at 11:59pm PST so we can get started as a group on October 21st. 

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This program is most definitely for you if...

...you love a sense of community. You like knowing that you are not the only one going through these issues and are even more motivated to work together on a common goal.

...you if you feel like we would be friends even if we haven’t met (can’t wait to meet you!). 

...you are ready for real, lasting change so you can stop focusing on food and start focusing on living. 

This program is NOT for you if...

...you cannot commit at least one hour per week over the next 6 weeks to do the work, because I can’t do the work for you (and no change will be made if I try!). 

...you are currently struggling with an eating disorder or if it’s part of your recent history. Please consult a medical doctor and/or therapist specialized in eating disorders to get the help that you need. Email me at caitlin@caitlinball.com if you have any questions about this. 

You CAN make the changes you desire, even if fear is creeping in, or your inner mean voice is telling you otherwise. Follow your heart, follow that inner knowing - she knows what the right call is for you.