Food Freedom Holiday Workshop by Caitlin Ball

Food Freedom Holiday Workshop

Join us on November 24th for a virtual workshop to help you merrily eat, drink, and enjoy the festivities...all while still buttoning your jeans and having the mental and physical energy to enjoy your best holiday season yet!
Come and learn how to eat intuitively and take care of your body & mind during the holiday season with a live training, personalized coaching, and worksheets before the holiday season gets in full swing. 

Is this YOU during the holidays?

  • You LOVE those holiday cookies and the yummy holiday food, but have a hard time stopping once you start.
  • You are excited for all the events, but are worried about how the rich food and alcohol will have a negative effect on your body and mood.  
  • The festivities are fun, but you get overwhelmed and have a hard time squeezing in time to take care of yourself.
  • Your family stresses you out, causing you to eat and act in a way that doesn’t align with your best self.
  • You already have plans to diet or "get back on track" in January.

Let's cozy up together at the LIVE Workshop on November 24th!

9am PST // 12pm EST // 6pm CET

Even if you can't attend live, you are welcome to register, send in your questions beforehand, and receive the replay and worksheets.

What this workshop is all about...

  • The holidays can truly be a magical and joyful time...but they can also be draining and overwhelming and leave you feeling so mentally & physically exhausted (and bloated!) come January. 
  • The parties can be loads of fun...but they can also lead you to eat and drink way more than your body likes and leave you with a massive food and alcohol hangover.
  • The yummy treats are so tasty and bring such fond memories…but it’s hard to stop when you are satisfied and may lead you to binge on cookies all month long. 
  • It’s wonderful to have more time to spend with your family…but it can also trigger you, cause you to eat emotionally, and generally feel bad about yourself.
  • There are so many exciting holiday activities – decorations, presents, baking, holidays cards, caroling…but the pressure you put on yourself to do them takes the fun right out of it. 

This workshop is designed for you to bring the JOY back to the holiday season. This is an opportunity for you to take time to figure out what YOU love about the holidays and how you want to FEEL during the holidays. 

From that knowledge brings confidence and a fresh new mindset, so you can have the holidays you desire, feeling balanced in your body, mind, and emotions and knowing what decisions are right for YOU.  

Register now for only $25!

The real WHY behind this workshop...

(my story)
For 15 years of my life, I had big plans to diet and lose weight every January, as we are meant to according to the dieting industry. Knowing that January was around the corner, I decided that I could eat whatever I wanted, drink whatever I wanted, and do whatever I wanted in December! It didn’t matter, because January was coming soon enough and I would go on some crazy cleanse and wash it all away. 

It felt fun and fancy-free to let go completely in December…until it didn’t anymore. It began to feel like one giant hangover I couldn’t escape from. I had pimples all over my face and my clothes stopped fitting. I couldn’t physically stop myself from eating my favorite holiday brownies. I couldn’t stand the thought of making small talk at one more freaking party. I became annoyed at every family member when they were just being their usual selves. 

But once I finally let go of diets and found intuitive eating and self-care, I have enjoyed every aspect of my life so much more, especially the holiday season.  

These days, I can eat all my favorite holiday food, dessert, and drinks, and do so in an amount that feels good – rather than stuffing myself. I make time to take care of myself, I prioritize what’s important to me, I spend time with loved ones without letting them trigger me, and generally just have a much happier holiday season!  

Which is exactly what I want for you too, and exactly what I plan to teach you, in just a few simple steps in this workshop.


  • How to let go of the dieting mentality that is actually causing you to overeat during the holidays
  • How to feel free to eat all your favorite holiday foods, enjoy them fully, and feel in control to stop when you are full/satisfied. 
  • How to plan your month in a way that feels good to you - prioritizing what's important and letting go of what is not.
  • How to fit in movement and cooking during the craziness so you can still feel good in your body.
  • How to take care of your mind and be loving with yourself, so you can spread that holiday love to those around you. 
  • How to deal with different situations that trigger you and cause you to eat emotionally.


  • First, there will be a live training from Caitlin on the 5 simple steps to Food Freedom Holidays via the video conferencing platform, Zoom.
  • Second, there will be 1-1.5 hours for you to ask questions and receive personalized coaching from me in regards to any of your personal holiday health struggles.
  • Third, you will receive worksheets to work on following our call to help you reflect on the kind of holiday you want to have and how to create it. 
  • Lastly, you will be emailed the recording of the call to listen to again whenever you need!
  • The workshop will last about 2 hours.
  • Terms & Conditions 
Join us!

I can't wait to help you have the best holiday yet!

sending you so much holiday love and cheer,

xo Caitlin